July 14, 2015


Alikazam live on stage

Alikazam live on stage

Right then where do we begin, getting into Hip Hop came from the tried & tested route of first getting into breakin’ at the age of 9 poppin’ & a bit of floor work no power moves.

From that I went to Graffiti & getting schooled in the art by a dude called Craze back in the day. Then middle school & hooking up with Mr Memory both sharing a mad passion for Rap collecting records finding the best breaks where Mr M ruled & started trying to freestyle over breaks Kitty bey being the weapon of choice.

Then we hook up with Dook tha Looper in secondary school & started sharing our love for Hip Hop before long we decided to get together & form a crew. The name came from the George Clinton’s Parliament-Funkadelic Album Where we found it check it out for yourself. For me Rap is a feeling & I love the feeling of creating mad flows over beats that the 3 of us all put together & we hope this comes across in the music we make.

PEACE Alikazam.