Dookie Squad have been performing and producing since 1989

What's Happenin'

Dookie Squad Vinyl Releases

1993 - 2015
6 Feet Under 1994

6 Feet Under was the 1st release 1993/1994. It received 4/5 in Hip Hop Connection magazine. DS001

Deep Rising 2013

Deep Rising was the extremely long awaited follow up to 6 Feet Under. Released in 2011 on 1st Bass Records it was a limited press of 500 red vinyls.

Take You on a Walk Through Hell

Take You on a Walk Through Hell was release on Jerome Hill’s Fat Hop Records in 2014.

Let the Beat Drop & Hungry Rappers

Dookie Squad feat. MCM & Soundsci from USA

About the Dookie Squad

Producing Hip Hop since 1989
Dookie Squad

The Dookie Squad met at School in 1988. BDP had just released “By All Means Necessary” and National Fresh was playing all the latest Hip Hop on Radio 1 courtesy of Jeff Young. Dook Tha Looper began lifting samples from  Mr Memory’s rare  funk vinyl collection and creating rough beats whilst Mr. Memory and Alikazam  wrote rhymes to go on top. 
In early 1994 The Dookie Squad had their first tour of Germany courtesy of Blue Eyes (Mick Mott) playing  Venues of 1000+ people and supported by other UK Hip Hop artists including Brain Child and Fixed Penalty. 

  • Produce

    Over 25 years of Dookie Squad Productions

  • Live

    Playing live we thrive and put on a good show

  • MCing

    Two different styles that complement each other

  • Organic Collaboration

    Definitive Quality Control

The 'Dookies'

Lyricist and MC
Dook Tha Looper
Dook Tha Looper
Engineer, Producer and occasional vocalist
Mr. Memory
Mr. Memory
Lyricist, MC and Crate Digger

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